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Pullman teams up with neurotechnology company for new sleep programme

09 Feb 2018
AccorHotels has partnered with Rythm, a neurotechnology company, in a pilot programme that brings Rythm’s wearable sleep tech product, Dreem, to guests at Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy and Pullman San Francisco.

Dreem is an active sleep solution designed to enhance sleep quality – a miniaturised headband uses ultra-fine sensors to track key information such as brain waves, heart rate and breathing, and discreetly diffuses sound to the inner ear. It claims to help users fall asleep more easily, enhance deep sleep and wake the user at the optimal time.

“Pullman is thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to work with Dreem, Rythm’s scientifically proven way of improving the quality of your sleep,” said Aldina Duarte Ramos, director of wellbeing for Sofitel, Pullman and Swissotel.

“A good night’s sleep is a cornerstone of Pullman’s wellness ethos,” she continued. “We promote it as a pillar of its renowned wellbeing programme based on sleep, food, sport and spa, which is at the heart of Pullman’s identity.”

Rythm is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience research and advanced technologies, and has worked with partners including the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine to develop consumer electronic products.

“Our clientele of hyper-connected entrepreneurs and global nomads are always looking to balance productivity with personal wellbeing,” said Duarte Ramos. “They will deeply appreciate this unique technological approach to sleep and its restorative benefits to body and mind.”

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