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Tonia Callender joins Global Wellness Institute

05 Jun 2018
Research expert Tonia Callender has joined the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI) as a research fellow. In the newly created position, Callender will work alongside senior research fellows Katherine Johnston and Ophelia Yeung on the new research underway at the GWI, analysing diverse markets within the nearly $US4tr global wellness industry.

Callender specialises in conducting economic and legal research and analysis to support decisions about projects, strategy and investments. Previously, she worked with the nonprofit research institute SRI International and consulted for a diverse range of international clients, and is currently focused on wellness, spa and other tourism sectors across the globe.

Callender received her masters degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School, her law degree from the University of Virginia and her undergraduate degree in economics from Yale University.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Tonia in the past on projects spanning the tourism, financial services and technology industries,” said Yeung. “She is sharp and thoughtful, an excellent researcher and colleague. I’m thrilled that she is joining the GWI research team and will be contributing to our research on all wellness economy sectors."

Over the next two years, the GWI will embark on a wide-ranging body of research, including a complete update of the Global Wellness Economy Monitor, which will be released in October at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit at Technogym Village in Cesena, Italy.

In addition, an updated report on the Global Wellness Tourism Economy will be released in November 2018 at the World Travel Market in London, while the first-ever report on the Global Fitness and Mind-Body Sector will be released at the 2019 Global Wellness Summit.

The 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor report will update figures for the ten industry segments that comprise the global wellness economy, and include a comprehensive, updated picture of the size and scope, and growth trends and projections, for global wellness markets — as well as detailed regional-level analysis, trends and data for six global regions and more.

The Global Wellness Tourism Economy study first estimated the size of the fast-growing sector in 2013. In the 2018 report, GWI researchers will revisit the analytical framework and definition of wellness tourism and define the composition, and measure the size, of the wellness tourism economy. In addition, for the first time, the research will include an analysis of the average spending of primary and secondary wellness travelers for top-market countries.

The 2019 Global Fitness & Mind-Body Sector report will define the composition of the $US542bn sector in greater depth and provide detailed, up-to-date global data for the industry, including: measurement of industry sub-segments, the top global and regional markets and their sizes, regional trends and developments, employment/workforce impact of the industry and five-year growth projections.

“I’m delighted to join the team at GWI to examine forward-looking trends in the wellness industry,” said Callender. “This is an exciting time for this sector, with dynamic changes taking place across the globe, and I am pleased to be able to contribute to GWI’s examination of the wellness economy.”

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