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Chiva-Som employees help local initiatives while developing skills

31 Aug 2018
Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand, is closed for six months while it has been undergoing the third of four phases of an extensive remodelling, but its employees remain dedicated to a long-standing policy of championing environmental awareness and assisting in the preservation and support of the local community.

Several initiatives, policies and practices are in place to viably sustain and grow Chiva-Som’s business into the future with a continued environmentally responsible approach.

During the current six-month closure, each department has been provided with the freedom to undertake initiatives they are passionate about that benefit the local environment and/or communities while simultaneously utilising and developing their skills.

Highlights of the Chiva-Som team’s chosen initiatives include:

CSR Medical Mission - Chiva-Som’s wellness practitioners, together with 21 volunteers from various departments, supported the Karen Communities at Pa-la-U Village. The Karen people are one of the largest hill tribes in Southeast Asia, found along the western border area in Thailand. As many villagers live completely independently without travelling outside of its bounds, Chiva-Som practitioners offered vital medical clinic assessments as well as treatments such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, hands-on lice removal and haircuts. Staff also participated in games and recreational activities with the children of the village, as well as donating clothes, rice, canned fish, milk and personal hygiene items.

Preserve Hua Hin – As part of their commitment to the Preserve Hua Hin initiative, the team have been completing regular beach clean-ups and encouraging locals to get involved along the six kilometers of Hua Hin beach and around the ferry pier. Staff have also assisted with the repainting of the Khao Krailart temple staircase and donated food and raised funds for the Hua Hin Dogs Shelter.

Krailart Niwate Mangrove Ecosystem Preservation & Science Education Centre – Team members have been dedicating their time to the upkeep of the environmental conservation project, which was set up by Chiva-Som in 2016, to preserve the last remaining urban mangrove ecosystem in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Hua Hin Marathon – The Chiva-Som team were on hand to assist with the first Hua Hin Marathon. Helping at food stations, distributing water and offering first aid whilst the Physiotherapy department offered their award winning treatments to the runners. Many Chiva-Som staff also took part in the marathon itself, including chair and CEO Krip Rojanastien.

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