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Career Advice: Anna Bjurstam

10 Nov 2015
Anna Bjurstam
VP of Spas
Six Senses Spas

I often meet enthusiastic staff, such as therapists, receptionists and head therapists/receptionists who say they want to be spa managers within two to three years time.

I then ask them, what do they want to accomplish within these two to three years and the general answer is "more experience and understanding".

"That is great", I say, "This means that you already have knowledge on sales & marketing, finance, leadership, etc?"

Then they look embarrassed and say "no, not really".

Me: "Then you need to start planning for when you will acquire the skills needed to do the job you are envisioning".

A strategic action plan is key. Knowing what you do not know yet and how to get that knowledge and experience is important. Plan how to get it.

Time is not enough for a promotion.

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