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A Career in Massage Therapy

14 Jun 2016
Every year, more consumers are utilizing massage therapy for the many health benefits it offers.

Today, more than ever before, people are recognizing the value of alternative wellness services like massage therapy in reducing pain and stress, increasing energy and wellness, and managing symptoms created by various physical and emotional disorders.

As the popularity of massage therapy increases, so does the demand for Professional massage therapists to work in a variety of settings, including massage clinics, cruise ships, spas, medical offices, health clubs, sports medicine centers, or private practice.

Other career opportunities for experienced massage therapists include:

• Working in an educational setting as a massage instructor or school administrator
• Managing or directing a resort spa, day spa, or massage clinic
• Working for massage related product/equipment supply companies
• Working for a national massage association
• Contributing to massage therapy and touch research
• Writing articles and/or textbooks
• Developing and teaching continuing education classes

A massage therapy career offers the satisfaction of helping others in a profession with good income earning potential. Massage therapy careers also offer:

• Fast growing profession with many job choices
• Positions available for new therapists just entering the profession
• Flexible working schedules and hours
• Active and healthy work environment
• Professional and personal growth opportunities

Becoming a massage therapist requires specialized training typically found in a vocational school environment. Massage schooling can take 6-12 months to complete and most new graduates find work quickly.

Massage therapy school programs teach many hands-on modalities and techniques, as well as anatomy, physiology, pathology, and professional development. A massage student is not only a therapist-in-training, but also acts as a client receiving massage therapy from fellow classmates.

The practical application of massage taught in school includes modalities, such as Swedish Massage, deep tissue work, Trigger Point Therapy, orthopedic and sports massage. Many programs also include Eastern forms of bodywork like Thai Massage, Acupressure and Shiatsu.

A massage therapy student learns the healing benefits of receiving massage on a regular basis, not only through class discussion but also by experiencing it first hand. Students become proficient in facilitating massage therapy, gain confidence on many levels as they learn, build relationships with fellow students and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world surrounding them.

Massage therapy instructors are truly committed to the success of each student and their individual goals. In addition, massage therapy schools have education and career services departments with knowledgeable and caring staff that help graduates make the best career choice for their needs.

Successful massage therapists:

• Are good working with their hands and have the gift of touch.
• Enjoy a career that allows professional freedom and flexible work schedules.
• Are nurturing people who possess a strong desire to help others.
• Are intrigued by human anatomy and its functions and movement.
• More comfortable working one-on-one with people.
• Are great listeners and enjoy coaching clients on caring for themselves.
• Thrive working in a calm, healing environment

To learn more about massage therapy careers or find a school in your area, please continuing exploring the Spa and Wellness Careers website.

By CG Funk (pictured)

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