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Fuel your higher purpose through a career in spa

27 Jun 2016
When I was in college I wanted to save the world. I was working towards a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont and couldn’t ignore my frustration, even anger, that our environment was being depleted faster than it could recover.

It felt to me like the problems that were causing damage to our environment were rooted in the human condition. That our late 20th century drive to produce more, grow our economy, and strive for the 'dream' of wealth and a carefree retirement had resulted in a world of business that failed to value the very resources it consumed to function.

By the same reasoning, I was clear that one path to solving these problems must involve expanding our consciousness from a selfish short term focus to more community-centric long term values. And so I became a crusader for transformation. Through my massage practice the mission was to create experiences for people that facilitated an awakening of new insights and self-awareness. Bodywork, movement therapies and mindfulness practices are all great ways to coax these types of insights forth and I found a deep sense of purpose in doing this work with people. I felt I was actually healing the planet one hour at a time.

The world has changed in the past 30 years but the opportunity to activate one's purpose through your career is still one of the best things that make the spa and wellness industry great.

Maybe it's the sense of obligation to walk ones talk and be an example of any spa's mission to improve health and well-being. Or perhaps it's the naturally friendly, motivated to give, individual that you get to work with in any spa job. I have always been impressed at how passionate and dedicated spa people are when it comes to doing good in the world. It’s fun to work in a setting like that.

At a resort, the spa team is often at the core of enthusiasm and action for positive change. In a community, the local spa is often a hub for insight and personal growth without the complication of a lot of structure or belief systems. And as an individual therapist, I know of no other job that can provide both a paycheck and an environment where one can directly and profoundly contribute to others while being supported in navigating their personal path of transformation.

If you are considering a career in the spa and wellness industry, or if you are working in this space already, take a few minutes to remind yourself of that core passion you have. That unique way in which you want to make a difference for others. Then, identify the ways your job in the spa world can fuel that passion.

While a spa career definitely isn't for just anyone, it is one line of work that doesn't ask you to compromise your true self for the sake of earning a living. Your spa career can help activate your highest purpose and you can rest your head on the pillow each night with the satisfaction of knowing that today you've helped make the world a better place.

By Paul Schmidt
Photo: Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

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