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New York’s Blum Center offers brain optimisation programme

23 Oct 2019
New York’s Blum Center for Health, a functional health facility, is offering a personalised, non-invasive, neuro-enhancement programme.

Provided by Field, the FDA-approved American neuro-technology company, the programme has the potential to optimise clients’ brain function and performance which could stimulate symptom resolution for stress and anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and post-concussive trauma.

Devon White, CEO and co-founder of Field said: “It’s very exciting that our platform will attract a new market to the Center as more people look for technology-based brain optimization, seeking to better understand their brain’s activity and actualize its potential.”

Initial treatments, priced at US$795 (€707, £635) begin with a 90-minute in-depth analysis and evaluation of the client’s brain as well as a ‘Know Yourself Better Report’. The report uses EEG tests, which measure the electrical activity of the brain, to break down what each individual’s pattern of brain firing means. This guides and informs Field on what further treatments to suggest to participants.

Depending on the client and their results, Field recommends further neuromodulation sessions, including individual neurofeedback or transcranial magnetic stimulation and neurofeedback.

Extra sessions have a starting price of US$300 (€267, £240).

Field is currently in the process of its second round of investment and in future expect to secure other collaborations and produce new unique dedicated Field Wellness Centers.

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