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Eco Resort Network launches with 2020 conference in Slovenia

30 Oct 2019
The launch of the Eco Resort Network has been announced for 2020, with an event to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 18-20 June.

The dedicated networking conference for professionals working in the eco-resort sector will consist of curated conversations, where attendees will contribute their opinions and experiences.

The aim will be to foster valuable relationships and establish a vision of where the industry is headed, what best practice looks like and what guests of tomorrow will expect.

Organised by Maja Dimnik, co-founder of tour operator, World of Glamping, and Steph Curtis-Raleigh, publisher of International Glamping Business magazine, the event will be limited to 70 people working in eco-resort operation and finance, as well as investors in green projects, tour operators, government representatives, journalists and consultants.

Attendance will be by invitation only and capped to ensure a mixture of unique delegates. People can apply via the event website.

Curtis-Raleigh consulted with David Leventhal – the owner of Playa Viva resort, Mexico – to help shape the event’s agenda. Leventhal also runs Regenerative Resorts, a global collection of like-minded eco-resorts.

Spa Business spoke to Curtis-Raleigh about the new event: “I could see there was a gap in the market for a small event where delegates could share their experiences about running luxury resorts in some of the most difficult environments on the planet,” she said.

“There’s very little information to be found about off-grid operations when it comes to things such as how to deal with staff recruitment and retention and wellness provision when you run a resort in a far-flung destination."

Curtis-Raleigh said: “We’re aware of the irony of people having to travel long distances to attend an event such as this, so we will offset delegates’ air miles and some of our delegates are coming by train.

“We’d like to see the event move around the world and I would love to host it within an eco-resort”.

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