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Starpool launches zero-gravity dry flotation spa at Rome airport

01 Nov 2019
Italian wellness supplier Starpool has launched an airport dry float spa at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, Italy.

The RestArt spa has two private rooms where clients can experience feelings of weightlessness on a Zerobody bed.

Unlike traditional flotation tanks, there’s no need to undress, as the Zerobody bed places a membrane between 400 litres of warm water and the client. The operation has been designed to meet the needs of time-pressed passengers.

RestArt is a concept produced by Starpool. The company also recently launched its RestArt spa at Newark Liberty International airport, New York.

Airport passengers are offered a choice of three programmes: RestArt refresh – a 10-minute experience costing €18, RestArt Restore – a 20-minute option costing €30 and RestArt Regenerate – a 30-minute treatment costing €40.

The dry float spa is claimed to provide relief from jet-lag, flight anxiety, swollen feet and legs, and muscle and joint pain. The experience also promotes mental and physical relaxation, which can help passengers travelling on long-haul journeys sleep on flights.

Clients can personalise their experience, with coloured lights, a lumbar massage and mindfulness exercises, using audio-guides or calming music.

Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO said: “We strongly believe dry floatation represents the future of wellness and we’re ready to offer a regenerating break to passengers from all over the world”.

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