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Cambodia’s Anantara resort launches Khmer enlightenment journeys

01 Nov 2019
Anantara’s Angkor resort in Cambodia has introduced wellness experiences themed on the Khmer culture’s seven-ways of enlightenment: mindfulness, investigation, energy, rapture, tranquillity, concentration and equanimity.

The pathways are governed by a thematic enlightenment concept which harnesses local wellness techniques.

The resort spa is home to four treatment rooms and uses MSpa as product house. The treatment menu offers massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps and hand and foot care.

Facilities include a steamroom, sauna, soaking tub and salon.

Khmer packages are offered as individual wellness journeys of four to five-hours on a day spa basis, with a starting price of US$225 (€203, £175), or as a two-day accommodation package.

Day spa packages include spa treatments and a range of mindfulness activities, including a monk blessing ceremony, reiki treatment, meditation, herbal tea mixology and Krigami lesson.

Linked to Cambodia’s cultural heritage, each different journey celebrates Khmer healing practices and traditions.

Two-day accommodation packages include the Enlightenment wellness Journey, with a starting price of US$650 (€586, £507). This includes a four-five hour wellness ritual, two nights accommodation or more, meals, airport transfer and a local temple tour.

Wellness Enlightenment Journeys

Treatment: Mindfulness (Sati).
Duration: Four hours.
Price: US$230 (€207, £179).
Process: Floral foot ritual, bespoke massage and head massage, leaves Krigami, folding, bamboo mouth scrub mixing, wellness yoga and a refreshment.

Treatment: Investigation (Dhamma Vicaya).
Duration: Four and a half hours.
Price: US$230 (€207, £179).
Process: Floral foot ritual, Angkunh seed massage, foot massage, and mango body wrap, crafting with Angkunh seeds, hand reflexology class, walking meditation and a refreshment.

Treatment: Energy (Virya).
Duration: Five and a half hours.
Price: US$225 (€203, £175).
Process: Floral foot ritual, herbal compress massage and steam treatment, guided chanting, herbal compress making, cycling to the lotus field, herbal bath and a refreshment.

Treatment: Rapture (Piti).
Duration: Four and three-quarter hours.
Price: US$255 (€230,£199).
Process: Floral foot ritual, lymphatic massage, jasmine rice scrub, moringa facial, incense-stick ritual, lotus origami, martial arts class and a refreshment.

Treatment: Tranquillity (Passadhi)
Duration: Four and a half hours.
Price” US$265 (€239,£207).
Process: Floral foot ritual, Anantara signature massage, back, neck and shoulder massage, Anantara facial, meditation, herbal tea mixology class, sunrise or sunset meditation and a refreshment.

Treatment: Concentration (Samadhi).
Duration: Four and three-quarter hours.
Price: US$245 (€221, £191).
Process: Floral foot ritual, Chi Nei Tsang massage, Himalayan pink salt scrub, golden cocoon silk facial, Tibetan prayer wheel meditation, incense-stick making, monk blessing ceremony and a refreshment.

Treatment: Equanimity (Upekkha).
Duration: Five hours.
Price: US$265 (€239, £207).
Process: Floral foot ritual, chakra crystal balancing massage, body scrub, skin solution facial, Bodhi tree leaf prayer ritual, room diffuser making, Reiki treatment and a refreshment.

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