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Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, inventor of the experience shower, dies at 78

02 Dec 2019
Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, founder of spa supplier Kemitron GmbH, passed away on 6 November 2019 at age 78.

Kemitron is a German company specialising in the development and manufacture of high-quality products for the sauna, spa and wellness industry.

Mayer-Klenk’s curiosity and creativity powered countless innovations in the spa and wellness markets. Perhaps the most well-known of his inventions is the experience shower, but Mayer-Klenk also invented fragrance dosing pumps, automatic sauna infusion systems, salt inhalation systems and much more.

His innovations were fuelled by intimate knowledge of the industry and the close relationships he forged with clients, who would give him direct feedback from guests and visitors. His desire to fulfil guests’ every need is credited with giving rise to many of his inventions.

Kemitron was founded in 1977 to provide cleaning and disinfectant products for public swimming pools. This quickly evolved as Mayer-Klenk saw the opportunity to expand into spa and wellness sectors. His true passion was for fragrance, and Kemitron has become well-known for their high-quality essential oils and fragrance dosing systems, an essential element in the evolution of the experience shower.

Mayer-Klenk was a devoted family man and his family has played a huge role in the company. His wife, Ingeborg, has been involved with the company since its founding, and remains a key advisor, while the day-to-day management of Kemitron was handed to his son, Stephan, a decade ago.

Mayer-Klenk is also survived by his daughter, Susanne, and three grandchildren.

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