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Chenot reveals more details of upcoming Swiss flagship

11 Feb 2020
Medical wellness operator the Chenot Group has revealed further details about its upcoming Swiss health and wellness destination, Chenot Palace Weggis on Lake Lucerne, which is scheduled to open on 1 May 2020.

Following the purchase of the original Park Weggis Hotel by Dogus Group – Turkey-based conglomerate and owning company of Chenot Palace Weggis and shareholder of Chenot – the destination has been reimagined as a 97-bedroom health and wellness hotel by Davide Macullo Architects.

Owned and managed by Chenot, the wellness facility will include a 5,000sq m medical spa with a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre, including blood and metabolism analysis laboratories, created to offer a complete range of check-ups to thoroughly evaluate health status.

Guests will be offered three signature week-long Chenot programmes – called Advance Detox, Recover and Energise and Prevention and Ageing Well.

Each programme includes layers of both holistic and systemic treatments created to deliver the goals of the Chenot Method principle, which aims to protect the body from damage, the build-up of toxins and premature ageing.

“As Chenot is a Swiss-based company, it makes sense to have our flagship property and research centre in the country”, said Dr George Gaitanos, Chenot Group COO and scientific director.

“With innovation being an integral part of our company values, scientific research will be conducted in the facility in association with accredited institutes, in order to further develop our offerings”.

Chenot Palace Weggis will offer traditional and medical aesthetics, as well as ozone-therapy, altitude therapy and cryotherapy treatments using Zimmer MedizinSystems' icelab. Guests will also have the opportunity to experience hydromassage tubs and dry flotation beds provided by Unbescheiden as well as a hydrothermal circuit that overlooks Lake Lucerne.

While visiting the circuit, guests will begin their experience with hydro-aromatherapy, followed by the application of a Phyto-mud body wrap enriched with minerals, microalgae and pure essential oils. This will be completed by a cold pressure jet claimed to improve toning and firming actions on the skin and to encourage the peripheral circulation and restoration of energy.

Guests will also be able to experience custom-made Chenot sleeping suites where acoustics, light and bed linen technologies have been scientifically interlaced with interior design and architecture to create a natural sleeping environment that provides restful sleep.

Designed with scientific backing, the suites are designed to provide a longer time in deep sleep and to reduce the number of wake-up reactions during the night. The bed linens are made of materials that get activated during sleep from body heat and recycle this energy back into the body to further enhance recovery and performance.

In addition, personalised Chenot Diet plans based on a well-balanced low-calorie menu will be available.

All spa treatments will be supplied by Chenot’s own product label and formulated with natural ingredients, while Chenot’s cosmetic products will also be offered to support the overall aesthetic offering.

Additional facilities will include a restaurant, tea lounge, gym and multipurpose studios for yoga and Pilates, which will be complemented by a varied outdoor activity schedule.

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