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Healing Hotels to host webinar exploring the importance of healing in hospitality

21 May 2020
Healing Hotels of the World has announced it is hosting a 45-minute master class to explore the role of healing in hospitality, and why consumers are seeking transformation today more than ever in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Hosted by New York radio personality Valerie Smaldone, the session will feature insight from Healing Hotels co-founder Anne Biging along with Claudia Roth, founder and managing director of Soul Luxury and co-founder of the Healing Summit.

Biging and Roth will explore how healing has become a cornerstone of hospitality, why bringing healing into hospitality will be crucial for people around the world as we move into post-COVID travel, and what consumers will be seeking from their holidays after lockdown.

Biging will also speak about how she came to found Healing Hotels of the World, what the core elements of a Healing Hotel are, and who can create a Healing Hotel.

“When we founded Healing Hotels 14 years ago, healing was still a word that was largely misunderstood,” said Biging. “Today, we are the leaders in the growing field of holistic hospitality, with nearly 100 partner hotels around the world, and I’m thrilled to have a chance to share my vision with others who’re interested in how they can help bring healing to a world that needs it more than ever.”

Roth was previously VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa for The Leading Hotels of the World before she experienced a major shift and decided to pursue a personal journey of healing and become a quantum energy coach. In the session, she will join Biging in exploring the ways in which healing and business go hand-in-hand.

“We’ve seen a paradigm shift in terms of what consumers want from hospitality,” says Roth. “Healing has become a new currency, and more than ever, people today want to experience a profound, personal transformation towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.”

The session, which takes place on 27 May at 3:00PM CET, will also include a five-minute meditation, and time will be allotted for questions from participants.

Those interested in the master class should contact [email protected] to RSVP and receive login details. Registration closes on 22 May.

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