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Lanserhof debuts COVID-19 programme

20 May 2020
Austria-based medical spa operator, Lanserhof, has unveiled a therapy programme designed for people who’ve been ill with COVID-19.

Lanserhof has created the experience to promote health and strengthen the immune system in the long term, for those who’ve recovered from the virus or for people who feel generally weak and would like to regain strength.

The programme involves a comprehensive diagnosis which informs an individual therapy concept tailored to guests’ needs.

Lanserhof will begin by addressing whether guests have had COVID-19 or another viral disease and then proceed to assess guests’ immune system, internal organs, sleep activity, psyche and physical and mental fitness.

Lanserhof’s team of physicians will use a variety of modern medical tests such as cardiovascular diagnostics, microbiological samples, ultrasound and a pulmonary function test, in order to assess participants’ overall health status.

Following this testing, each guest will receive an individually adapted therapy course.

The prescribed therapy options include nutritional therapeutic measures, a bowel cleansing, IV infusions, lymph treatments, healing and connective tissue massages, respiratory therapy and mitochondrial therapy, as well as oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, and sports science consultations and support.

According to Lanserhof: “Everything in the programme is based on our Lanserhof cure, in which the body is freed from unnecessary and disease-causing burdens through individually adapted fasting cures.

“The COVID-19 virus has shown us just how important health is and our aim has always been to preserve and promote your health, even in these difficult times.”

Looking ahead, the company has also recently announced that its flagship destination – called Lanserhof Lans – in Tyrol, Austria, will reopen on 14 June, having been closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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