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Palace Merano reopens with revived programming

18 Jun 2020
Luxury five-star hotel and wellness facility, Palace Merano, has reopened in Italy with a refreshed offering for its wellness guests.

The move comes after Henri Chenot, who ran his flagship destination spa there since 1980, left in December 2019.

The hotel features a 6,000sq m health and wellness centre and spa which provides medi-wellness and preventative health treatments, conducted by a team of medical specialists.

The centre is split into seven departments: beauty and spa treatments, medical diagnostic testing and disciplines – ranging from physiotherapy to colon hydrotherapy, bioenergetics, dietetics, hydro-mud therapy, aesthetic medical treatments and wellness and fitness.

Following reopening, Palace Merano has renewed its signature Detox programme – a method practised for over 20 years at the facility – with new devices and methods aimed at longevity and slowing the ageing process.

The updated six-day programme will begin with guests undergoing an initial medical and dietary evaluation – including a toxaemia levels assessment, bio-energetic check-up, body composition assessment and body densitometry test.

During the schedule, guests will be provided with a diet plan curated by Palace Merano’s in-house nutritionists, they will also receive a post-treatment stage diet plan to help them continue what they’ve learnt at home after their stay at the wellness facility.

Participants will also have access to six tendon-muscle massages, four cellular resonance treatments, six hydro-aromatherapy sessions, six phyto-mud therapy treatments and six hydro-jet massages.

Throughout the Detox schedule, guests can complement their experience with fitness programmes and group physical exercise classes.

The starting cost for the programme begins at €3,600 (£3,231, US$4,048).

Along with the refreshed programme, the centre has also invested in new machinery in the bioenergetics department and updated its nutrition programmes.

Following the advent of COVID, the hotel team has taken measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and has mandated that all guests must take a COVID-19 test on arrival in their room or suite, which will be tested at Palace Merano’s onsite internal laboratory service.

The laboratory features modern technology, including diagnostic testing, which is used within major national hospitals and health centres.

Palace Merano has also implemented social distancing protocol throughout the hotel’s wellness facilities including the newly reopened hammam, sauna and two pools.

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