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Clinique La Prairie taps genetic science to refresh signature wellbeing programme

26 Jun 2020
Swiss health clinic operator, Clinique La Prairie (CLP), has refreshed its signature Master Detox programme using the power of nutrigenomic science.

Established in 1931, CLP’s original property is located in Montreux, Switzerland, which specialises in integrative medi-wellness treatments focused on four pillars of wellness – medicine, wellbeing, nutrition and movement.

Grouped under the wellbeing bracket, the seven-day master Detox therapy has been updated to focus on personalisation by harnessing the power of genetic, cellular and nutritional science to develop bespoke cleanses under CLP’s new method – called the CLP Genomic Detox.

Claimed to purify the body and boost the gut microbiome, the programme is tailored to guests’ exact DNA and health profile following modern medical testing to identify the best plan based on people’s individual genetic make-up, physiological deficiencies and body type.

The method is based on nutrigenomic science – the field relating to how genetic variations affect the way humans react to nutrients in foods.

The programme begins with an in-depth assessment to analyse DNA, blood levels, physiological imbalances and mineral and metal levels. Guests will then be put on a tailored diet – including a period of liquid fasting and several days of a vegan diet – claimed to help regulate the body’s inflammatory process, reduce toxin load, and boost liver and kidney function.

In addition, individual plans may be customised to include antioxidant supplements and IV infusions exclusively developed by CLP.

Based on participant’s gene-test results, the on-site medical team will also teach guests what lifestyle habits, nutritional decisions or environmental choices are best-suited to them to improve their longterm wellbeing.

CEO of CLP, Simone Gibertoni told Spa Business: “We’ve used this quieter time to optimise our programmes and have been able to create new innovations based on clinical findings, allowing us to improve our treatments for our patients as they return.

“We cannot overestimate the power of preventative medicine, and COVID-19 has really displayed that, when it comes to immunity, prevention is more effective than a cure.”

During the programme, guests will also have access to CLP’s on-site spa for results-focused massages and technologies claimed to draw out toxins and stimulate lymphatic function as well as cryotherapy sessions and indoor and outdoor workouts.

Upon returning home, guests will receive a one-month CLP Genomic Detox cure kit to help them continue the cleansing and purification process at home.

The Master Detox programme includes full-board accommodation and has a starting price of CHF17,200 (US$18,144, £14,579, €16,120) per person.

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