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GSN partners with Esalen Institute to present Healing Arts webinar series

24 Aug 2020
Green Spa Network (GSN) has announced a partnership with the Esalen Institute to produce a webinar series dedicated to personal and professional healing and growth during the global pandemic.

Founded in 1962, Esalen is a nonprofit organisation seeking to ‘explore human potential through experience, education and research’.

The group has a retreat centre based in California where it offers personal, spiritual and social transformation practices through workshops at its Healing Arts department.

Working with GSN, Esalen is introducing a selection of its Healing Arts faculty and partners to provide a conversational webinar series to stimulate and raise awareness amongst the ever-changing wellness landscape.

"We’re very excited to collaborate with GSN for this opportunity,” said Doug Drummond, director of Healing Arts and Somatics at Esalen Institute.

“We’re looking forward to bringing some unique perspectives to the discussion through our esteemed faculty and friends.”

For the next few weeks, this new webinar series will meet virtually on GSN’s Zoom platform every other Thursday at 2:15PM EST.

The most recent webinar, entitled “Unearthing Our Values”, took place on August 20 and featured Vitalist Institute’s CEO Jeffrey Williams.

To register for the next webinar, visit GSN Planet's Institute.

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