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Sauna from Finland launches new concept to upgrade thermal offerings with authentic Finnish food and drinks

02 Oct 2020
Sauna from Finland has launched a new initiative to elevate ordinary sauna bathing rituals into authentic Finnish lifestyle experiences through the incorporation of traditional Finnish food and drink.

Sauna from Finland is a network of nearly 200 companies within the sauna field, and assists hotels and spas in implementing authentic Finnish sauna experiences.

According to the organisation, food, drinks and cooking are an important part of sauna bathing, as flavours and beautifully presented food enhance the overall sensory experience.

The new concept, called “Tasteful by Sauna from Finland”, attaches various kinds of Finnish food and drinks to the sauna tradition and aims to involve Finnish grocery, kitchenware and tableware companies interested in developing their export to the international markets by associating their products with the Finnish sauna experience.

The concept is designed to kickstart a new generation of authentic Finnish sauna bathing, involving food, drink, packaging and serving options offered within sauna services, such as gift boxes, picnic baskets and menus for hotels and spas.

Sauna from Finland has created the initiative to inspire others who want to make more out of heat experiences, and perhaps earn more money from them too.

“We have consulted sauna service providers for years and are excited to offer them an even more comprehensive sauna experience consultation with the support of our new concept,” said Satu Freyberg, head of international marketing at Sauna from Finland.

“Many service providers want to distinguish themselves from others by offering the customers a complete Finnish lifestyle experience instead of just regular sauna bathing. This way, they provide a high-quality memorable service.”

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