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Little Kulala to launch holistic desert retreat in the Namib Desert wilderness reserve

15 Oct 2020
Currently undergoing a thorough refurbishment, Little Kulala, Wilderness Safaris’ acclaimed desert retreat in Namibia’s Sossusvlei area, is creating a new holistic health and wellness retreat in the heart of the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve.

Integrating a range of mindful elements, including an all-new spa and farm-to-table menu, Little Kulala aims to offer journeys that embrace complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

“We believe in a self-led approach to wellness, and that just by being in our extraordinary wilderness areas – by spending time in the natural world, away from crowds and the intensity of everyday life – guests are given the opportunity to recharge,” said Alexandra Margull, Wilderness Safaris Namibia MD.

“We are introducing a number of options to enhance our overall guest experience at Little Kulala, such as a wide range of soothing spa treatments, an improved menu with an abundance of plant-based meal choices and rejuvenating outdoor adventures.”

Once completed, the new spa will be a private space with an outdoor deck where guests can relax after a treatment.

Margull says it will be designed as a refuge and place of pampering after exposure to the harsh desert outside.

“The spa will be a sanctuary for our guests to enjoy welcome hydration,” she explained.

Little Kulala is partnering with Healing Earth, a luxury product house that specialises in natural bodycare products to supply treatments.

The signature Sossusvlei Desert Escape treatment starts with a full back exfoliation followed by a skin-quenching Namib Melon full body massage, rounded out by a jade crystal facial massage.

Other treatments include the Miracle Repair, a luxurious anti-ageing procedure using African potato balm to repair the skin on a deep cellular level.

The Body Rebalance is a blissful aromatherapy massage using indigenous phyto-oils tailored to the guest's individual needs, in order to leave them glowing, relaxed and hydrated.

“The overall experience is about so much more than just a spa treatment,” Margull adds, “there’s nothing better than the silence of the desert, gazing out over the spectacular dunes, or staring at a million stars to rejuvenate your soul.”

Ensuring that guests have enough activities to take care of their physical wellness, great emphasis has been placed on offering innovative in- and out-of-camp activities, ranging from scorpion night walks, eco quad biking and hot air ballooning to hiking and running.

In addition, a selection of self-guided and guided trails also offer an opportunity to explore incredible private areas of the reserve that aren’t accessible on drives, and to view local wildlife on foot.

Finally, each suite is equipped with a set of exercise equipment for guests keen on further maintaining their health and wellness. Included are a yoga mat, dumbbells, a kettle ball, ab roller, jumping rope and aerobic strap.

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