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ISM Spa launches new spa concept with signature journey inspired by the five elements

15 Oct 2020
Spa management company, ISM Spa, has introduced a new spa and wellness concept named R+R Wellness, at the Grand Hyatt Nashville.

R+R Wellness, which stands for Recharge and Replenish, offers treatments based on the five elements and is powered by the desire to reach individual guests’ personal goals.

“The heart of R+R Wellness is highly personalised programming, giving guests a new kind of control over their wellness journey,” said Ilana Alberico, CEO and co-founder of ISM Spa.

“Our team has witnessed a shift away from a one-size-fits-all menu. In today’s world, it’s crucial to think creatively about what modern wellness means to hotel guests and locals in a world-class spa setting.”

ISM Spa explained that the concept allows guests to embark on two distinct journeys: a time-bound recharge or a deep replenishing experience designed to nurture mind, body and spirit.

R+R’s signature wellness journey features experiences such as a wellness blending bar to create bespoke body products, a steam shower, infrared sauna, meditation experience lounge and group wellness programming.

Guests can also access spa treatments and rituals supplied by Privai, a private VIP couple’s suite, immersive spa packages and connected wellness experiences.

Each visit begins with an aromatherapy experience at the wellness blending bar to invite guests to find their unique blend to set the tone for the spa journeys, where they can create their own scrub or body butter to take home.

“Every single design element of R+R Wellness was intentionally curated to create the ultimate sensory experience. From the moment the guest enters the spa, we engage each of the five senses,” explained Christina Stratton, chief creative officer and co-founder.

“While the initial spa menu will focus on individual services aligned with current public health guidelines, in the future we plan to offer a variety of VIP and group experiences, such as yoga classes, group wellness programming and customised experiences to enhance a variety of life celebrations.”

ISM’s other spa concepts include six Poseidon-branded spas for Kessler Hotels and Privai Wellness & Spa at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, based on ISM’s Signature line of luxury spa products.

The spa management company has recently expanded its reach in the US, having opened three new properties.

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