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Studio Gad designs hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers inspired by futuristic spacecraft

31 Dec 2020
Studio Gad, an Israel-based architecture and design firm has created an eye-catching hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) centre for improving brain and body performance for Aviv Clinics.

Aviv Clinics is a world leader in research on age-related cognitive and functional decline and novel applications treated with HBOT to maximise human performance.

HBOT treatments are delivered inside hyperbaric chambers where guests breathe pure oxygen under pressure two to three times normal atmosphere – proposed benefits include improved circulation and promoting physiological healing.

Located in The Villages, Florida, Aviv Clinics’ first location offers a treatment programme centred on HBOT that improves cognitive and physiological abilities for adults.

To create the HBOT chamber’s sensory elements and design schemes, Studio Gad drew inspiration from a first-class flight to create an exclusive experience.

The shell of each hyperbaric suite is rendered in rounded shapes that emanate calming lights to soften the overall experience.

The corners of each capsule were created using 3D-printing technology that results in a nearly seamless structure, such as that of an aeroplane.

Each capsule is coated in a shade of reflective white, while the interior lighting system of the shell is subject to hue changes within the RGB colour model.

The resulting structure captures the essence of the past and future of medicine and transportation, boasting a smooth, non-angular nose-shape from the steamliner period that merges with a model of a futuristic spacecraft.

“It’s our privilege to partner with Aviv Clinics and develop a new architectural language that can elevate the world of enhancing physical and cognitive performance,” said Gad Halperin, founder, Studio Gad.

“We believe our design work and sensitivities to clients will be a bastion of how design can enhance the medical world in the post-pandemic age.”

Within each capsule interior, Studio Gad has provided patients with the necessary separation to create personal space during treatments.

A partition shape has also been used to create a buffer within the body of the structure and allow patients to observe and make eye contact with other patients as a sense of comfort and security.

The outer shells of each chamber are intended specifically to spark a human emotion that feels more like entering a comforting space.

Aviv Clinics will open new locations around the world and offer a three-month medical programme based on an in-depth diagnosis, a personal cognitive and physiological training programme and nutritional coaching that accompanies the unique protocol of HBOT.

A second clinic will open in Dubai during the first quarter of 2021.

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