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Wellness industry vows to keep Dr Danny Friedland’s legacy alive

03 Nov 2021
Tributes have been flowing in from the spa and wellness sector after industry icon Dr Daniel Friedland passed away this week, following a terminal brain cancer diagnosis last November.

A trained physician, author, passionate keynote speaker, coach and consultant, Friedland has long been celebrated in the industry as one of the original pioneers who saw the value in incorporating wellness into healthcare.

This led him to help realise the portal in 2011 to help people easily find medical evidence for authoritative studies that evaluate the benefits of wellness modalities, such as acupuncture, meditation, massage or yoga.

Friedland also founded SuperSmartHealth to help businesses support their people to avoid stress and burnout and help elevate leaders and teams into high-performing, creative and engaged organisations, using evidence-based practice drawing on neuroscience and mindfulness practice.

In addition, he chaired the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and was the president of the American Board of Integrative Health and Medicine.

In response to news of Friedland’s passing, the global spa and wellness network has responded with tributes, championing his dedication to the sector, his pioneering thought leadership and his kindness.

Julie Bach, Wellness for Cancer
Danny's smile exuded loving-kindness and he’ll be deeply missed on so many levels.

For me, one of his greatest contributions to our industry was seeing early on the importance of blending medicine and wellness.

He was our champion in the field, cheering us on on so many levels. However, while we have lost one of our greatest champions, he planted a seed that grows and blooms within each one of us.

He was very aware of doing this and as a result, his presence is not lost, as it remains to blossom within each project we undertake to free others from suffering.

We had some very candid conversations where he explained that this journey through cancer was what his whole life had prepared him for – medically, spiritually, emotionally.

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, Tip Touch International and World Wellness Weekend
Danny was a luminous soul who touched and inspired so many people to ‘live a loving life, and live well from within’. His passion was contagious to anyone attending his keynotes across the globe.

His joyful presence filled the room, his voice resonated in minds and hearts, his words were grounding with thoughtful questions and his message raised consciousness.

Danny's smile, warmth and legacy go on in our hearts – my heart goes to his courageous wife Sue and his sons, Zach and Dylan.

Susie Ellis, Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute
Danny was such a beacon in our industry and I’m so very glad his work is going to live on…we’ll make sure of that.

His greatest contribution was….not only the actual creation and use of the portal, but also the entire idea of the medical world and the wellness world becoming powerful allies.

In many ways, Danny was one of the first medical doctors who truly ‘got’ what the spa and wellness world was doing and he made a huge difference.

Going ahead, I want to put a lot of emphasis on the invaluable information which exists within because, now more than ever, the evidence basis for what’s happening in wellness needs to be front and centre.

I feel that people digging into the databases and spreading the word is a really great way to honour Danny.”

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has launched a dedicated page in memory of Friedland and is inviting the global industry to gather to share their thoughts and tributes.

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