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Chenot launches Molecular Lab for Optimal Living, offering mRNA testing

10 Nov 2021
Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland has announced the launch of The Chenot Molecular Lab for Optimal Living, a new programme developed to help resolve issues associated with premature ageing.

The programme is overseen by chief operating and scientific officer, Dr George Gaitanos who calls it a "natural evolution of the brand’s mission to unlock human potential, by increasing mental and physical performance at any age."

Guests are given blood tests that yield results based on novel mRNA-based molecular testing, using epigenetic technology to analyse gene activity and determine biological ageing status.

These specialist tests then enable scientists to analyse the expression levels of certain genes associated with silent inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance and the structural integrity of connective tissue.

Gaitanos says the highly precise and reliable epigenetic profile "identifies undesirable gene activity and pinpoints the root cause of current or oncoming health issues years before their onset."

Results are then used to prescribe personalised interventions via the prescription of supplements and the creation of a lifestyle-based treatment plan designed to build resilience and maintain wellbeing.

“At Chenot, our focus is not on lifespan, but rather healthspan – the concept of remaining healthy for as long as possible as we age,” says Gaitanos. “The Chenot Molecular Lab for Optimal Living was born from our desire to empower guests to make meaningful changes that secure their optimal health.

"Our epigenetic profile is the most precise barometer of future health. It reveals the activity of our genes and ultimately pinpoints molecular targets we can treat to increase life expectancy, avoid disease and achieve optimal 'well living'.”

A seven-night minimum stay at Chenot Palace Weggis, including wellness programmes, starts from 8,030 CHF (E7,350 EU or £6,750) per person. The additional bloodwork and follow-up programme undertaken by the Molecular Lab for Optimal Living cost 1,500 CHF (E1,400 or £1,200).

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