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How to help clients with ‘Cultural Stress’

03 Mar 2016
People are experiencing a rise in stress levels as they become more and more ‘overconnected,’ but according to Dr Howard Murad, founder of Murad skincare, there are things you can do to help your clients tackle this ‘Cultural Stress.’

In an exclusive Thought Leader column for Spa Opportunities, Murad suggests that tackling ‘Cultural Stress’ can help clients look and feel younger and healthier.

How to help clients with ‘Cultural Stress’ by Dr Howard Murad, board certified dermatologist and founder of Murad skincare

With society’s extreme dependence on digital devices and ‘overconnected’ living , it’s not surprising we are seeing a rise in stress levels.

The constant and pervasive stress of everyday life that has become a normal part of our society is what I like to call Cultural Stress. Whether it’s a long commute, a never-ending to-do list, worries about job loss or global conflict, it’s the unnecessary stress we put on ourselves in our attempt to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Stress is an inevitable part of life – the key is how you handle it. I advise my patients to identify their stressors and do what they can to keep them at bay.

Through my years of research I have discovered a strong link between Cultural Stress and ageing. Not only does it affect us visibly as signs of ageing on the skin and body, but also emotionally with increased feelings of isolation, lack of confidence and a lack of creativity.

To survive the assault of ‘Cultural Stress,’ I advise my patients to adopt my Inclusive Health approach to wellbeing – which looks at emotional, nutritional and topical care – in an attempt to help minimise the impact Cultural Stress has on their lives.

This can be in different ways, depending on the person. I might encourage them to let go of the need to be perfect, help them to improve their health at a fundamental level by eating hydrating foods and savouring sleep, or to embrace the power of movement.

By taking healthy measures to eradicate Cultural Stress, we can dramatically increase the odds of unlocking our potential to look younger, feel younger and live healthier, happier and more rewarding lives.

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