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Joanne Berry launches spa and wellness training company

04 Jan 2018
Industry veteran Joanne Berry has launched The Wellness Education Hub, a training and events company serving the global spa and wellness sector.

The company will help brands to launch training for new accounts, offer refresher training and assistance and staff for spa events.

“Think of the Wellness Education Hub as a broker for everything educational in the spa and wellness industry,” said Berry.

Berry’s career has focused on business management and education in different segments of the spa industry, including cruise ships, multiple day spas, resort/destination spas and medical spas.

She has conducted extensive training and product seminars, including training over 400 staff in all aspects of spa treatments and customer service while serving as the education manager for Steiner in San Diego.

Berry is also the founder of Spa Remedies, which provides consulting in operations, recruitment, training, retail performance, treatment menu design and trade show planning and organisation.

She also works as an educator for skincare brands Organic Male OM4 and Voya, as well as for Wellness for Cancer.

“Having been an educator for over 20 years of my spa career, I saw a need for this when I was being asked by multiple companies if I knew of any good educators to represent their brand or would I be interested in providing the training myself,” said Berry.

“I realised that if there was a place where brands could go to find quality educators it would serve several purposes. Firstly, to provide the brand's accounts that they supply with high-quality, professional training. Secondly, to provide staff for spa events to represent their brand. And thirdly, to provide continuous work for independent contractor trainers in our industry.”

Berry said her goal is to create a 'hub' of highly seasoned educators to help launch brands in the US, where she is based, but also globally.

Educators affiliated with the hub will go through a training certification process before they are matched with brands.

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