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Glion Institute to host conference on technology and wellness

29 Nov 2018
The Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland will host a three-day conference on Innovation and Technology, and what it means for the spa and wellness industry.

Part of the Face-to-Face programming for the Wellness to Business executive education, the conference will be held from the 3-5 December, and is designed for mid- to senior-level executives in the spa, hospitality and wellness industries.

The conference will cover the latest insights from the growing wellness industry, as well as insights into artificial intelligence, wearable gadgets, biotechnology and virtual reality in spas and wellness; how innovation and technology can give your business a competitive advantage; and the importance of data management for customer satisfaction.

Attendees can expect to gain up-to-date knowledge of innovations in health, wellbeing, and longevity; develop new business models for spa and wellness brands; understand the concepts behind technology innovations and analyse market studies.

Faculty includes Mariana Palmeiro, head of Wellness to Business Executive Education at Glion, and Mary Tabacchi, professor emerita at Cornell University and visiting professor at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

“The spa and wellness industry is evolving very quickly in the fields of biotechnology, neuronetworks and neuroimmunology,” said Tabacchi. “This programme will focus on some of the best new research available and on how new innovative companies are motivated to interact with human physiology to bring real impact to your guest experience and to your employees.”

Glion Institute of Higher Education is a private Swiss institution that offers international hospitality, luxury and event management degrees to students from over 90 different countries.

“This programme will explain how innovative technologies are essential tools to enhance your customer experience and increase efficiencies in your spa and hotel operations,” said Palmeiro. “Great guest speakers will showcase new start-up concepts, and we will share substantial research to support your plan to bring real impact to your spa and hotel business.”

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