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Aleksandrowicz partners with Walker Simpson Architects

11 Mar 2019
Beata Aleksandrowicz, creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method, has partnered with John Walker, director at Walker Simpson Architects, to develop a new ethical concept in wellness.

'Essential Wellness: How we Live, and Love' is a unique collaboration between a wellness expert practitioner and an architect. The concept starts from the therapy – Aleksandrowicz brings her knowledge of movement, touch and healing – and is designed to inform and guide the needs of the physical space and the sensory environment inside and outside.

Walker will create the complementary offerings in terms of space, aesthetics and the sensory environment, including low-carbon energy in order to tread lightly.

The intention is to make every experience resonate beyond the single spa trip or treatment, by creating a lasting memory of experience, time/place/space delivered in an authentic and simple way. Space is seen as a portal that will address connection, cleansing and re-energisation.

Aleksandrowicz and Walker’s joint expertise will be offered to the wider wellness industry, from boutique hotels to destination resorts, as well as smaller leisure and wellness locations looking to offer authentic wellness experiences.

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