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Jennifer Young launches free cancer awareness training to instil confidence in therapists

11 Aug 2020
Cancer touch training specialist, Jennifer Young, has created a free Cancer Awareness Qualification to aid therapists and health practitioners providing touch treatments to anyone with or recovering from cancer.

The accredited and certified introductory qualification is designed to help therapists from the spa, salon, beauty, holistic, wellness and aesthetics industries to welcome those affected by cancer.

Attendees will learn more about cancer’s biology, the science of treatments and the biological drivers of resulting side-effects.

The goal of the course is to empower therapists to treat clients appropriately and with confidence when they visit.

Young has previously authored 16 accredited oncology touch therapy qualifications which are offered at 70 UK spas and many more globally.

According to Young, through a combination of fewer tests, fewer people seeking medical attention for symptoms and a fall in the number of cancer surgeries being carried out, cancer treatment has been badly impacted by the global health crisis.

Anticipating the rising need for cancer care support in the coming months, she’s created the free training to give therapists and health practitioners a strong foundation of knowledge to support clients with or recovering from cancer.

“The wellbeing industry is having an incredibly hard time at the moment and in many cases can’t afford to spend money on extra training for members of their team,” explained Young, “just at a time when we’re going to see more people coming through the system in need of appropriate care and support because of the strain on cancer services.”

Young is the founder of specialist skincare range for cancer patients Defiant Beauty which has developed 300 specialist products to soothe the effects of cancer treatment.

She’s also a member of the Touch Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care (SATCC) – helmed by Sue Harmsworth.

“By going through this training, therapists get a foundation understanding in the knowledge of how cancer can affect the body, the questions to ask and how to treat in a way that will add the most benefit to the client.”

To sign up for the course, follow this link.

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