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Benefits of a Spa and Wellness Career

10 Nov 2015
by Kate Sornson

In 2013 industry veterans, Lori Hutchinson and Jeremy McCarthy worked with their spa friends to survey over 500 spa industry leaders to produce a non-scientific “snapshot” of the spa and wellness industry. The results provided us with key insights into the benefits of spa and wellness professions today.

You Can Work Anywhere in the World
Spa and wellness facilities can be found on all corners of the world. With a consistent global growth rate over seven percent, the spa and wellness industry offers thousands of international career opportunities. Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America lead the industry with 86% of the world’s spa facilities, although Latin America, Middle East, and Africa are quickly gaining popularity as wellness tourism destinations. This means you have the opportunity to work in a variety of international environments, such as the Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand, the Four Season Hotel George V Spa in Paris, or Rancho La Puerta destination spa in Tecate, California - to name a few!

You Learn From the Best
The spa and wellness industry is full of experienced professionals who want to share their knowledge and cultivate new talent. 65% of spa leaders surveyed had a spa industry mentor who guided and inspired their career growth and 94% feel that having a mentor is important for a successful spa career. Mentorship provides growth opportunities for the Mentee and the Mentor by allowing both parties to gain different perspectives and actions for solving career challenges. Spa and wellness services are about positively impacting the guests lifestyle and it’s no different for the professionals who work in the industry. We want to be of service, to each other and to our guests.

There is Room for Career Growth
Most spa leaders started in entry-level positions, such as Spa Receptionist or Massage Therapist, and worked their way up to spa management. Once they joined the industry, their passion and hard work enabled them to move quickly up the ranks with 66% of respondents saying their career growth has been fast or very fast. Spa leaders surveyed also said that on-the-job experience, being mentored, and spa management education are the most important tools for a successful spa career. Internships are a great way to gain all three for your career growth! Check out our Internships section to find one near you.

Spa Managers LOVE Their Jobs
In addition to the benefits we listed here, spa and wellness professionals also enjoy access to the services and products they promote (and generally at a discounted rate), a clean, safe, and beautiful work environment, and the ability to truly impact the lives of those around you. This could be why 94% of spa leaders surveyed said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their career choice! Even better, 80% said they would recommend a spa management career to their BEST friend and who doesn’t want to work with their best friend?

What aspect of the spa and wellness industry do you love most? What inspired you to pursue a spa and wellness career?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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