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A Mentorship is a partnership between two people based on the mutual desire for professional and personal growth; a helpful relationship based on trust and respect. The mentor may be older or younger than the mentee, but usually has a certain area of expertise. It is a relationship for learning and growth, allowing the person with vast experience to help the individual who wants to learn.

Previous mentorship experience and the structure of the relationship, between mentor and mentee, affect the amount of psychosocial support, career guidance, role modeling, and communication that can occur. The person receiving mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), an apprentice or, in recent years, a mentee.

Mentoring is a process that always involves communication and trust. Mentors serve as a 'sounding board' for mentees, by actively listening and guiding the mentee in the right direction, assisting them in developing solutions for their issues or career objectives.

Mentoring programs provide real world experience for you to learn from a seasoned professional in your industry, in this case spa and wellness. Mentors should challenge you and encourage you, in order to help you build confidence in your own abilities. By finding the right mentor, these partnerships can provide a learning opportunity that a university program alone cannot.

Mentoring is an opportunity to become more self-aware, improve your time management, develop problem solving skills, create successful daily habits, and advance your career goals. For resources on how to start a Mentorship, check out the Global Mentorship Program at

Mentorship Reflections

One of the Mentorship programs available to you is the Global Mentorship Program. This program creates mentorship relationships for spa professionals with the mission to further develop the spa and wellness industries workforce. Following their 2015 Pilot Program, Mentors and Mentees from that year provided detailed accounts of their mentorship experiences. These reflections were compiled into a downloadable document entitled Mentorship Reflections.

The personal accounts and snapshot questionnaires conducted by the Global Mentorship Program revealed the following benefits of Mentorship:

  • Companies benefit from Mentorship via 'Increased Effectiveness on the Job'
  • Mentees become more effective Spa Managers
  • Mentorship resulted in Mentees believing they were better leaders
  • Increased motivation at work
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Improved comprehension and understanding in Leadership and Management, Strategic & Business Planning, Human Resources, and Priority Management.
  • Mentors learn from their Mentees, gaining new perspectives and business ideas

The surprising and most common benefit reported by the Mentees was the sense of confidence bolstered by the honest discussions with their Mentor. Mentees shared that having someone to confide in and 'bounce' ideas off of was incredibly impactful; creating more confidence in their everyday life and work responsibilities.

Mentors were quick to support these benefits, sharing that as the relationship developed their Mentee became more comfortable with presenting, discussing, and critically thinking through their ideas. The Mentees also gave their Mentors a boost of energy and motivation, by offering them a way to give back and guide the future of the industry.

To learn more from the 2015 Mentorships, download your complimentary copy of Mentorship Reflections at

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