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Success Story: Gia Robinson

Godgia Robinson was born on March 14, 1999 in The Bahamas. She grew up in Turks and Caicos on the island of Providenciales and was raised by two very loving and supportive parents. They helped foster her love for people and their wellbeing. She also has 3 younger siblings who have always been her favourite clients.

How did you get your start in the spa industry?
After attending spa camp in the summer of 2014 at the age of 13, I was offered an internship at The Spa at The Palms as a locker attended. That was my doorway into the spa industry. I learned about different spa treatments and the type of clientele certain businesses will attract, as well as the different products and the unique benefits they offer. I was also able to see what is expected of a therapist and the different roles they would play in a spa setting.

What roles have you held in spa and wellness?
I worked as a spa receptionist and locker attendant for almost two years at The Spa at The Palms. I am now a certified Esthetician am working towards my certifications in Massage Therapy .

What's the hardest challenge you've had in your career, and what did you learn from it?
The hardest part for me was realising my passion for the wellness industry still has many boundaries. Others I’ve met have not always seen the potential in a wellness career and where it can take you. Based on my experience, the more I grow and learn, the stronger I am in the industry. Through the example of other dedicated professionals, I’ve learned that standards should be the cornerstone of my career and we must be uncompromising. At the end of the day, it’s my passion and drive that will continue to open doors and further my career.

What is the best part of working in the spa and wellness industry?
The best part, to me, is making people feel good. Living in the kind of world that we do, it can be very stressful and very taxing mentally and physically. Knowing that I can help relieve that person’s stress through a massage or even allowing them to escape while I perform a facial is very gratifying. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference in that person’s life.

What one piece of advice would you give someone starting out in the spa and wellness industry?
Whatever you are pursuing in this profession whether it is massage, esthetics, or any other wellness practice, make sure that everything comes from a pure and genuine place. Each service should be carried out with the best care and attention you can offer your client. Your clients should feel the love you have for this profession through the energy you are giving them.

Photograph: [from left to right]: Stephanie Rest, Spa & Wellness Careers; Gia Robinson; Jane Iredale, Iredale Cosmetics

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