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Ayurvedic resort opens in Sri Lanka

02 Jan 2018
One of the oldest Ayurvedic retreats, Barberyn Ayurvedic Resorts in Sri Lanka, has opened a new beachfront property.

Barberyn Sands is set on a piece of land between the river and ocean in Bentota and becomes the third property in the Barberyn family.

Designed to offer Ayurvedic experiences at affordable prices, the 26-bedroom resort includes an Ayurvedic medical centre, swimming pool, arts and crafts shop and shrine room with tropical gardens.

Upon arrival, guests receive a tailored ayurvedic consultation with one of Barberyn’s resident Ayurvedic doctors and are prescribed an Ayurvedic programme to treat body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual activities are at the heart of the experience, and guests are encouraged to fully let go and embrace the beauty of natural, simple living.

Daily yoga sessions take place every morning and include meditation and Asana practice.

Fresh herbal decoctions are produced on site, and the Ayurveda medicine and oils are supplied by the Barberyn Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (IAAM).

Guests are prescribed a specific diet to follow for the duration of their stay and a full spectrum of Ayurvedic dishes are served.

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