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Global Wellness Summit relocates from Hong Kong to Singapore

15 Aug 2019
Susie Ellis, chair of the Global Wellness Institute, has announced the 2019 Global Wellness Summit will move from Hong Kong to Singapore.

Dates will remain unchanged at 15-17 October and Hyatt will still play host, with the Grand Hyatt Singapore replacing the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong as the venue.

Escalating civil unrest and clashes between pro-democracy protesters and the Chinese government in Hong Kong have closed the airport over the last few days, with the government s reportedly moving tanks to the border.

Ellis said: "Our GWS leadership, advisory board and partners felt this shift in location was important for the collective wellbeing of everyone involved with the Summit.

"In 13 years of planning the event, this is a first for me," she explained.

The Global Wellness Summit has earned a reputation for stoicism in the face of a wide range of challenges over the years, with previous events having contended with everything from epidemics to volcanic eruptions and terrorist attacks, but this is the first time the event has been relocated.

It's likely the unrest in Hong Kong has impacted registrations for the event, with the GWS announcement saying "The Global Wellness Summit is traditionally a sold-out event. First-time and previous delegates and invitees are encouraged to apply to attend and register as soon as possible."

There's a possibility that the Summit might eventually make it to Hong Kong and speaking to Spa Business, Ellis said: "Over the course of planning for the Summit this year, we have been so impressed by Hong Kong, the people we have met, and the dynamic energy of this incredible place. Many of the people we’ve met in Hong Kong are joining us in Singapore, and one day, we hope to bring the Summit back to Hong Kong."

The move to Singapore will be a home-coming for the event, as the initial decision to launch the GWS was made at a meeting in Singapore.

About the Global Wellness Summit
The Global Wellness Summit is an international gathering that brings together thought leaders from across the industry to network, share expertise and do business.

The event is held annually, with previous locations being the US, Switzerland, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Mexico, Austria and Italy.

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