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Swiss thermal partnership: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz joins forces with Clinics of Valens

26 Nov 2019
Swiss wellbeing and medical health resort, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, has announced a partnership with Clinics of Valens, which specialises in neurology, rheumatology, pneumology, geriatrics and psychosomatics.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is home to two hotels and the 25-room Clinic Bad Ragaz, which offers specialised medical services.

The partnership will commence on 1 January 2020 and the two will join forces to improve quality and expertise, aiming to offer the “best clinical competence” in neurological, internal-oncological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Both clinics use thermal water sourced from the local Tamina Gorge to support patient rehabilitation, due to its natural healing properties – a low mineral content and natural body temperature of 36.5°C.

Patrick Vogler, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CEO, said: “An important factor in our choice of partner was our shared use of thermal water: Clinics of Valens also makes great use of the healing water flowing from the gorge”.

Clinics of Valens will refresh the resort clinic’s tech offering. Clinic Bad Ragaz’s staff will benefit from improved training and career development.

Clinics of Valens also conducts research to inform the development of therapeutic intervention. The partnership means Clinic Bad Ragaz will be able to make more informed therapeutic decisions for its patients as a result.

Vogler said: “Our medical staff will benefit directly from an expansion in medical technology and experience in rehabilitation working with the Clinics of Valens.

“Clinics of Valens is one of the most renowned providers of medical rehabilitation in Switzerland, with a very good network. The research and development it conducts are world-class.”

The Swiss resort’s wellness offering also extends into the 6,050sq m Thermal Spa, exclusive to hotel guests. Treatments are supplied by Italy’s Team Dr. Joseph and Swiss product houses Cellcosmet, La Prairie, Celergen. Men’s skin-care brand, Niance is also offered.

The spa offers massages, facials, hand and foot treatments, naturopathy and holistic treatments.

In addition, hotel guests and the general public can visit the resort’s 8,600sq m Tamina Therme – a sprawling thermal spa and sauna village, which also uses water from the Tamina Gorge.

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