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HOTel&SPA Forum announce 2020 event with new award

13 Jan 2020
The Forum HOTel&SPA has announced details of its 2020 conference, which will be held on 4 June 2020.

The one-day event for hotel, spa, thermal and thalasso industry specialists is designed to create a platform for networking and sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Organised by Vladi Kovanic, the conference will be themed on ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ and will take place in Paris at the Four Seasons Hotel George V.

The event will include a spa and hotel industry award ceremony, where Diamond awards are presented to honoured members of the industry. The Blue Diamond will recognise the management quality, innovative spirit and the commercial dynamism of a personality in the Thalassotherapy sector. The Black Diamond award has been reinvented and will reward a spa manager with a remarkable or inspiring career.

The 2020 conference will mark the event’s thirteenth year.

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