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Sony unlocks the metaverse with the launch of Mocopi sensors for avatar creation

05 Dec 2022
Sony has announced that it will be releasing a motion tracking product called Mocopi in January that looks set to accelerate the services fitness and wellness and also entertainment and attractions companies can provide in the metaverse.

The product suite comprises six lightweight motion-tracking wearables – designed for the head, wrists, hips and ankles – that are programmable via a smartphone.

The tech makes it possible to create avatar videos – as well as operate avatars in real-time with compatible services such as VRChat – and motion data that includes whole-body movements, both indoors and out.

HCM understands Sony's proprietary ‘mocopi’ algorithm makes it possible to achieve such accurate measurements with a small number of sensors.

On 15 December, the company is planning to provide a software development kit (SDK). Not only will this link the motion data with metaverse services and 3D development software, but it will also open up full-body tracking capabilities which could catalyse the development and creation of new services.

The sensors are 32mm in diameter, 11.6mm wide and weigh 8g. They attach to the user via Velcro bands or a clip and the avatar can be operated from the user’s smartphone.

The six sensors are priced at 49,500 Yen (US$360) and pre-order sales are scheduled to start in mid-December.

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