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AAG introduces Wage Insights to provide salary and wage benchmarking data for wellness centres and hotels

09 May 2023
Arch Amenities Group (AAG) has announced the launch of its proprietary survey and salary benchmarking tool, Wage Insights.

AAG was formed in 2022 and is a full-service, global provider of wellness, amenity management and meeting services for commercial and residential properties, hotels, private clubs and pools.

The company's new subscription-based service Wage Insights obtains and leverages data across the hospitality and wellness sectors to enable hotels and wellness centres to better formulate their employee compensation and growth strategies.

The platform is informed by surveys which are conducted, certified and interpreted by secure, third-party partners to capture and collate national, regional and state-level data from across the US hospitality and wellness industries.

AAG already has plans to expand and conduct the surveys outside of the US in 2024.

All Wage Insights subscribers – from C-suite leaders to general managers – can select from several tiers of subscription-based continual reports or choose individual reports via one-time downloads.

The reports include comprehensive visual tools to support the budgeting and forecasting process. Reports are generated as spreadsheets and data fields in PDF format, providing wage benchmarking information specific to job type, category and location.

Barry Goldstein, AAG chief executive officer, called the new tools “some of the most defined and confident ways companies can inform their hiring strategies and react quickly to today’s dynamic labour market using current market data that is both internally equitable and externally competitive”.

Goldstein credited Michael Tompkins, managing director of Hutchinson: An Arch Company, with conceiving the benchmarking survey and insights tool.

“With fast-changing economic shifts and the post-pandemic hiring climate, the ability to leverage hyper-current survey data to benchmark salaries and wages is a game-changer for businesses looking to maximise efficiencies for growth,” Goldstein added.

Tompkins explained that as demand for wellness services and amenities increases, “we know that more informed recruiting practices lead to better talent acquisition and propel a business forward.

“The Wage Insights benchmarking tool helps employers zero in on hiring the best talent in the market, ultimately leading to longer-lasting, more engaged teams.”

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