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Erin Lee founds Touchless Wellness Association with backing from Gharieni, Art of Cryo and Halotherapy Solutions

24 Oct 2023
A new global industry organisation dedicated to touchless wellness therapies has been launched
by industry consultant Erin Lee.

Called the Touchless Wellness Association (TWA), the organisation is designed to help showcase and promote the adoption of new and existing touchless wellness products/therapies.

In recent years, demand has increased in spas for these modalities due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the global labour shortage in the spa sector.

Now, growing numbers of operators are adopting these therapies – ranging from halotherapy (salt therapy) and infrared light therapy to sound therapy and cryotherapy – to enhance their treatment menus and boost their bottom line.

Lee told Spa Business that the goal for TWA is to create a platform where members can explore, share and celebrate the opportunities that touchless technologies provide.

“Touchless technologies are pivotal for the wellness industry as they offer inclusive, personalised and safe solutions,” she said.

“By leveraging these innovations, we not only address the diverse preferences of individuals but also enhance accessibility to wellbeing practices.”

A heat experience and halotherapy consultant, Lee was inspired to launch the TWA after serving as executive director of the World Halotherapy Association.

“I noticed many small businesses or individuals venturing into wellness, kicking off with a particular therapy or service and later wanting to expand their offerings. The snag? They weren't sure where to look or what would seamlessly complement their existing services.

“The goal here is to spotlight touchless wellness technologies while offering ample education and insights to pave the way for their success.”

Founding sponsors backing the platform include Gharieni, Art of Cryo, Halotherapy Solutions, Clearlight Infrared Saunas, ReLounge and Simply Oxygen.

With free membership, the organisation has also formed strategic partnerships with Sustainable Wellness, The Oxygen Advantage, Anada Spa and additional spa and wellness-centric associations.

The TWA is currently in the process of establishing its US and UK headquarters. Plus, Lee is busy planning a series of future events for knowledge exchange, networking and showcasing the latest innovations. Formats will include online Q&As with specialists, interactive sessions and hybrid events.

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