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Life Time gets into the medical wellness market with new Miora brand

20 Nov 2023
Life Time is launching into the medical wellness market with a longevity and performance concept called Miora.

A pilot is in soft launch at Life Time's Target Centre health club in Minneapolis, US, with an official opening date set for 27 November.

The company was already offering a wide range of wellness services through many of its 170 high-end health clubs across the US, including rehabilitation/chiropractic, weight loss and nutrition services and lab testing of things such as active and resting metabolic rates.

Now the launch of Miora consolidates these types of services under a new brand, while adding an elevated level of diagnostics and a more holistic approach to prevention.

If the pilot is successful, Life Time will roll out the brand across appropriate locations in its estate.

“Adding longevity and performance services is a natural extension to our other health club offerings,” said Life Time president and COO, Jeff Zwiefel on CBS.

“Miora is offering a wide range of services, including red light therapy, hyperbaric chambers, cryotherapy and infrared saunas,” he explained. “Also on offer are things such as peptide and hormone replacement therapy treatments and IV therapies.”

The Miora customer journey starts with a battery of diagnostics with 95 indicators checked via a blood panel, followed by the deployment of a proprietary cloud-based precision health assessment protocol called the Metabolic Code.

This checks how far people are from optimum health to determine how their body is performing. It also shares insights into the future state of health, before recommending interventions.

This system has been designed and developed by Life Time’s partner, Dr Jim LaValle, a clinical pharmacist and certified clinical nutritionist who’s known for his expertise in personalised integrative therapies.

“There’s so much confusion about what to do in the areas of health optimisation and longevity,” LaValle told CBS. “Miora takes a science-based approach, as the issue a customer is facing might be biomechanical, it might be biochemical – these two things are always intersecting. What we’re doing is creating the most comprehensive plan for interventions.

“We detail what medication the individual is on, what kind of diet they have, what nutrients they take and how they’re exercising and then we define what will support that person to overcome any metabolic road blocks they have, or establish whether they need special training," he explains.

“Miora is personalising exactly to what they need, safely on the cutting edge of healthcare and science," he concluded.

“We provide the full medical oversight to ensure customers get the results they’re looking for in terms of improving the quality of their life,” said Zwiefel. “We believe there’s nothing like Miora in the market at present for health optimisation.”

The clinic is open to the community, as well as to Life Time health club members.

A one-off payment of US$299 covers the blood work panel, a Metabolic Code report and a consultation, while a monthly membership at US$199 includes use of facilities, such as the red light therapy, cryotherapy chamber, infrared saunas and the hyperbaric chamber. Other options include the IV drips and even medical interventions, such as specialist physical referrals and urgent care.

“Our personal trainers can only take customer so far on their journey when it comes to to seeking improvement in their overall health,” Zwiefel told Winter Keefer at TCBmag. “The reality of today is our consumers are looking for solutions to look better, feel better and perform better and in the traditional health care system [in the US], they’re getting extremely frustrated.”


Depending on the package taken, Miora member subscription benefits can include the following:
Club amenities

A rejuvenation and recovery space, red light therapy, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, beauty and aesthetic treatments.

Metabolic profile

Metabolic code questionnaire, bloodwork, metabolic code report, medical consultation and physical.

Performance and longevity

Exercise programming, nutrition programming, personalised supplementation plan, access to bioidentical hormone therapy, peptide therapy, and IV drips.

Medical access

Text access with medical provider, access to medical care, specialty physicians referrals, access to urgent care and house calls

Miora blood panel tests include analysis of: Adrenal – Thyroid – Pancreas, Gut – Immune – Brain, Cardio – Pulmonary – Neurovascular, Liver – Lymph – Kidney, Estrogen – Progesterone – Testosterone.

Weight loss drugs, Ozempic and Waygovy, are available as part of an overall lifestyle package that includes diet and exercise interventions.

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